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Established in the early 1950's, Motor Reconditioners was one of the first specialist engine reconditioning shops in Canterbury. For more than 50 years, we have acquired a vast knowledge on a wide variety of petrol and diesel engines, from private motor vehicles to deep sea trawlers and everything in between. The unique history of Motor Reconditioners includes large contracts with New Zealand Army, including rebuilding 26 Side Valve V8 Fords in one year, and work on the ground vehicles for the US Deep Freeze Operation.

After serving an apprenticeship and continuing a further 11 years at Motor Reconditioners, the opportunity arose in 2002 for Jared Hanson to purchase the business. With a dedication to revitalize by introducing new machinery, increasing service and extending the product range and customer base, Jared has expanded Motor Reconditioners into its current position as top engine reconditioning shop in the South Island.

Fully trained and dedicated staff are available seven days a week to work on a wide range of engine types and applications. These engines range from small Kubotas to 1200hp Niigata Marine engines which can be found in such applications as generators, oil field work and main engines on large ships. The team works with some of the largest maintenance/repair workshops in the country and through this, some of their machining work is exported globally.

Rebuilding Engines South Island

Niigata 6L25 95 litres

South Island Rebuilding Engines

Kubota D1105 1 litre

We are a member of the New Zealand Engine Reconditioners Association which provides an excellent nationwide guarantee, and Combined Rural Traders which provides a discount to card holders.

Whether it is a small machining job or a complete engine overhaul, the Motor Recon team assures complete satisfaction every time.

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